Bid Date Project Location Estimate
10/29/2014 Langley High School Renovation, FCPS 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101 $52,800,000
3:00P FCPS (IFB 15-003 Amnd. 7) CMD: 1001390721 Ddg:
The existing building will be completely renovated. The project includes the renovation of the existing two-story school building, demolition of a part of the existing building, construction of additions, and site work. The renovation comprises replacement of windows, doors, finishes, and major building systems, including new HVAC, plumbing, electrical power, lighting, fire alarm, communications, data and security systems. A new automatic sprinkler system is to be installed in the existing building and additions. The southeast addition consists of the performing arts department, administrative suite and main entries. The south addition consists of art labs and media center. The north addition consists of science labs, classrooms, industrial tech rooms, athletic locker rooms and gym lobby. The east addition enlarges the wrestling room. Site work includes the reconfiguration of kiss & ride and bus loop, utility and pavement work, relocating tennis courts, and landscaping.
10/30/2014 GSA SSA IDIQ – NCC Gas Compressor Station – Conversion to Natural Gas Social Security Administration, National Computing Center, Woodlawn, MD $5-10 Million
3:00P General Services Administration (GS-03P-13-MM-C-0914 Amnd. 2) CMD: Ddg:
11/3/2014 Small Business Multiple Award Construction (SB MACC), NAVFAC Washington NAVFAC WASHINGTON
Department of the Navy (N4008015R0451 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
Solicitation will result in up to 6 MACC awards. Also posted on NECO as solicitation N4008514R0454
11/18/2014 D/B P287 Missile Support Facility at NSF Dahlgren Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren VA 23,000,000
2:00P Department of the Navy (N40080-14-R-0157 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
Construct a new 57,646 SF low?rise Missile Support Facility Replacement as an addition to Building #1560, Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Laboratory. The addition will provide secure computational and analysis laboratory space, unique Fleet Weapon Control systems and technical office space. In addition, the project renovates 5,623 SF of the existing portion of Building #1560, Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Laboratory, to reduce new construction requirements, allow access to the new building addition and better utilize existing raised?flooring laboratory space. The facility will be constructed with a structural steel frame with rough texture architectural concrete masonry unit block exterior bearing walls that match the existing Building #1560 exterior and will have a built?up roof system. Project includes the demolition of Building #1200 (10,449 m2) upon completion of new construction as the functions of the building will be relocated into the new facility.
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