Bid Date Project Location Estimate
9/22/2014 Design/Build Renovation of the Old Guard Barracks, Building 247, Ft Myer VA Ft Myer, VA $17 - 24 Million
12:00P Department of the Army (W912DY-14-R-0099 Amnd. 3) CMD: Ddg:
9/22/2014 LMACC2 D/B NHHC 44, 57 and 108 Renovations, Washington Navy Yard, DC Naval Support Activity (NSA) Washington, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. $6 - 7.5 Million
2:00P NAVFAC Washington (N40080-14-R-0159 Amnd. 4) CMD: Ddg:
This project is being implemented by Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Washington. This project will repair and renovate the deteriorating spaces used to house the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) Archive and remediate existing hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and egress issues found within the Project’s limits. The buildings affected by the renovation include portions of Buildings 44, 57 and 108. The components found within the Scope of Work for this project include: Tenant improvements to second floors (entire floor east to existing stairwell) and entire third floor in Building 57; Mechanical, Electrical and Telecom upgrades; Fire Protection upgrades; Egress upgrades to meet code compliance; Restroom upgrades; Optional Line Item 1: Tenant improvements to second floor (entire floor west to existing stairwell); Assigning names, numbers and providing new signage for all rooms in Buildings 44, 57 and 108; Relocation of personal office belongings and furniture to and from temporary swing space prior to and after installation of requirements found in the Scope of Work; New elevator to service both Buildings 44 and 57, along with a new wheelchair lift between Building 44 and 108 on the second floor.
10/7/2014 LMACC2 D/B P03010 Helicopter Operations Facility at Joint Base Andrews, Camp Springs, MD Joint Base Andrews, Camp Springs MD $24,900,000
2:00P Department of the Navy (N40080-14-R-0153 Amnd. 2) CMD: Ddg:
This project will provide a new 65,983 sf two-story Helicopter Operations Facility (HOF) to accommodate consolidation of two squadrons, 1st Helicopter Squadron (1HS) and 811th Operational Support Squadron (811 OSS), into one facility. The HOF must provide administrative offices for both organizations; an auditorium and multiple briefing/ debriefing rooms designed for Top Secret (TS) discussions or presentations; a mission control area; classified material storage, general storage space, maintenance storage, ready area, workspace, library, mission planning support room, flight simulator with TS capability; database generation room; private office; workstations; Rapid Deployment Stair; fitness center with separate men and women locker rooms. Facility will also house an aircraft simulator large enough to contain a UH-1N helicopter. Design shall provide space flexibility and reconfiguration capability to accommodate future growth to staff of 215 and 26 aircraft. Site improvements consist of demolition of existing utilities and outdoor pavilion, site preparation, utility relocation, pathfinder fence relocation, storm water management, utilities connections, 110 parking spaces parking lot, 18-wheel flatbed truck staging area, and supporting facilities.
10/15/2014 GSA SSA IDIQ Voice Mass Notification System Upgrade, SSA HQ Complex Social Security Administration Headquarters Complex, 6401 Security Blvd, Woodlawn, MD 21207 $1,000,000 to 5,000,000
12:00P General Services Administration (SY-082014-001 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
10/23/2014 GSA SSA IDIQ – NCC Gas Compressor Station – Conversion to Natural Gas Social Security Administration, National Computing Center, Woodlawn, MD $5,000,000 to 10,000,000
3:00P General Services Administration (GS-03P-13-MM-C-0914 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
10/29/2014 Langley High School Renovation, FCPS 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101 $52,800,000
3:00P FCPS (IFB 14-017 Amnd. 5) CMD: 1001390721 Ddg:
The existing building will be completely renovated. The project includes the renovation of the existing two-story school building, demolition of a part of the existing building, construction of additions, and site work. The renovation comprises replacement of windows, doors, finishes, and major building systems, including new HVAC, plumbing, electrical power, lighting, fire alarm, communications, data and security systems. A new automatic sprinkler system is to be installed in the existing building and additions. The southeast addition consists of the performing arts department, administrative suite and main entries. The south addition consists of art labs and media center. The north addition consists of science labs, classrooms, industrial tech rooms, athletic locker rooms and gym lobby. The east addition enlarges the wrestling room. Site work includes the reconfiguration of kiss & ride and bus loop, utility and pavement work, relocating tennis courts, and landscaping.
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