Highlighted Green Construction Experience
J. Edgar Hoover Building 11th Floor Renovation, Phases 1-4

Federal Bureau of Investigation: J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington DC

The Hoover Building 11th Floor Renovation project involved the comprehensive, phased redesign and renovation of the entire floor. Work included the implementation of significant sustainable design features, and the renovated spaces are LEED certifiable.

Grimberg implemented substantial added value strategies throughout the project and completed all work on time and within budget, earning excellent past performance ratings.


Work on the renovation project included a mission-critical, post-9/11 renovation for the Office of the Director of Intelligence, as well as the demolition and reconstruction of all architectural finishes and mechanical systems throughout the 11th floor.

Moreover, Grimberg and its design team developed extensive coordination plans and safety measures to complete work on schedule, as well as to protect facility occupants, maintain public circulation areas, and ensure that FBI operations proceeded without interruption.

The contractor performed each phase of the contract in an occupied and confined space with limited staging areas. Coordination requirements included detailed subcontractor and delivery schedule management, site security requirements, ten-year background checks for personnel, and site clearance requirements for deliveries.

Grimberg incorporated extensive sustainable design features throughout the 11th floor renovation. Work included the installation of extensive HVAC systems with special energy conservation controls and additional energy-efficient systems.