Halsey Field House, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
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2016 AGC Washington Contractor Award: Sustainability Projects $30-$50 Million Category

Construction of Administrative and Applied Instruction Facilities, Defense Information School

A mentor-protégé joint venture between Amatea LLC (small, protégé partner and managing member of the joint venture) and the John C. Grimberg Co. (large, mentor partner) served as the prime, general, and mechanical contractor on the entire project.

The project involved the LEED Silver renovation of the high-security and approximately 62,000 square foot Defense Information School at Fort Meade, MD, to include new mechanical/HVAC, fire protection, and electrical utilities, interior demolition, and new architectural systems and finishes (ceilings, walls, and floors) designed to provide users with updated office, classroom training, and support space. The build-out of thousands of square feet of new office and training space also applied. The joint venture also constructed a large, multi-story addition to the facility, to include ground-up, total new construction services--foundations, structural skeleton and veneer, roof, utility systems, interior architectural systems and finishes, new offices, classrooms, circulation spaces, and support spaces. It also constructed an aesthetically advanced atrium connecting the existing building with the new facility.