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2016 AGC Washington Contractor Award: Renovation/Restoration Projects $30-$50 Million Category

Refrigeration Plant Revitalization US Capitol Power Plant, Washington, DC

This is one of the most sensitive-environment and high-pressure projects anywhere in the Washington DC and Mid-Atlantic regions. To substantiate, the scope involved multi-phased, multi-option work within the 24/7/365 historic Capitol Power Plant, which generates utility steam and chilled water for the heating and cooling of various government buildings on Capitol Hill, including the United States Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, and the House and Senate Buildings. Grimberg had to maintain plant operations and services, without interruption, year round, while phasing the replacement of 50% of the plant's entire utility capacity in the process—a scope among the most complicated anywhere in the nation.

Specific work included demolition and relocation of multiple 3,000-ton chillers; installation/construction of two 5,400-ton high-efficiency chillers; installation of new chiller infrastructure, to support the addition of future chiller systems; conversion of the primary-secondary chilled water distribution system to a variable primary system; installation of three new large cooling towers and all associated equipment; electrical upgrades, to include the replacement of switchgear to meet OSHA safety requirements; replacement of all piping, pumps, manifolds, and chiller systems accessories; structural and roof repairs; installation of new advanced direct digital controls; advanced welding procedures and tests to guarantee 100% seals on all piping and related equipment.