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2016 AGC Merit Award: Public/Government/ Institutional Projects Under $5 Million Category

US Capitol Police Headquarters Energy Reduction & Fire Alarm Replacement

The Capitol Police Headquarters is an extremely active 24/7/365 facility in the heart of Washington DC. Without disrupting headquarters operations at any time, this project required new above-ceiling mechanical and electrical infrastructure upgrades throughout all operational spaces in the entire seven-story, 85,000 square foot building. The result of the project included a new HVAC control system that provided greater energy efficiency for the building, a new fire alarm system, and a new building addition housing a new fire pump system.

Each scope of work (controls and fire alarm systems upgrades, respectively) required crews to be in multiple parts of the building at multiple times-and therefore this project was, in effect, multiple smaller and intersecting projects within one contract. Existing systems had to remain in operation until a seamless switchover from the old to the new-without any interruption to services and operations-could occur.