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Bid Date Project Location Estimate
6/25/2019 Navy SDVOSB Western: NF17-0004 Building 1385A Lab Expansion, Naval Base Ventura Naval Base, Ventura, Port Hueneme, CA $1-5 Million
2:00P Dept of the Navy - Southwest (N62473-14-D-0069X057 Amnd. 2) CMD: Ddg:
The intention of this solicitation is to obtain all services, labor, materials, and equipment necessary to provide construction services of a new laboratory building (NF17-0004 Building 1385A Lab Expansion) for Naval Surface Warfare Center (NAVSEA) at Naval Base Ventura, Port Hueneme, California. This work also includes site work, and incidental related work. See Plans and Specifications for details. CLARIFICATION: Section 01 11 00, Summary of Work, Part 1.2.1 Project description: Option 1: Work associated with the water cooled water chiller system; Option 2: Cable tray system; and Option 3: Xeriscape Landscaping are no longer options, but are included as part of Base Item 0001 work.
6/26/2019 St. John the Beloved Church, Narthex Expansion Project 6420 Linway Terrace McLean, Virginia 22101
3:00P Arlington Diocese (1 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
7/2/2019 AFICA EAST D/B Repair AFCEC CEMIRT Facilities, Tyndall AFB, FL Tyndall AFB, FL $1 to $5 Million
9:00A Department of the Air Force (FA4819-19-R-7002 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
Purpose A.The purpose of the TAFB project XLWU 19-8128, CEMIRT Hurricane Damage Restoration of Facilities Building 1134, 1141, 1142, 1144, 1137, and 1138 is to repair and restore the damaged facilities back to their previous condition prior to Hurricane Michael. The facilities shall be in full compliance with Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 1-200-01, the DoD Building Code, TAFB facility standards, and the portions of the Florida Building Code that contain the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) provisions. TAFB shall utilize the Miami-Date County High Velocity Hurricane Zone Codes. Work on facilities includes demolition/removal of damage materials and equipment, and restoration of damaged material and equipment.B.This task order delivery method is Design-Build (D-B). Work on supporting facilities includes external building fixtures, building utilities within the Points of Demarcation (POD) for privatized utilities, and work within the Administration /Office Building. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing all labor, equipment, tools, materials, and services necessary to complete the project within the allotted timeframe.C.This project has a period of performance from Notification to Proceed (NTP) through completion and turnover of the facility back to the Government for mission operations of 352 calendar days. In order to work within the given timeline, this project shall involve fast-tracking required construction tasks (i.e. ordering materials) to be started and/or completed prior to finishing the full design package. And/or at the completion and approval of the 95% design.
7/3/2019 GSA 11 D/B Steam Station Replacement Project, Howard T. Markey National Courts 717 Madison Place, NW, Washington, DC 20439 $500,000-$1 Million
11:00A GSA (47PM0419Q0042 Amnd. 3) CMD: Ddg:
The existing steam stations are a single stage type system, fed by a 250 psi line from HOTD. The building houses two current steam stations, both in a 250 PSI x 15 PSI single-drop configuration. One steam station serves the three houses, the other serves the Markey core building. This configuration is causing failure of pressure regulators at unexpected times, including shattered valves due to drastic drops. Additionally, piping in not correctly sized. This project shall replace both existing single-drop steam station with a 250 PSI x 100/60 x 15 drop system, including new valves, gauges, piping, and insulation. The building has a third steam station for HVAC that is abandoned. This station needs to be removed and finishes repaired. The main hot water circulating pumps are located immediately adjacent to the steam station. Each of the five pumps is improperly attached directly to concrete pad. Each of the five circulating pumps needs to be modified with a proper inertia base installed. At the horizontal entry of the high-pressure steam into the building, there is no dirt-trap clean out at the bottom of the riser. The piping shall be modified to include proper clean out trap.
7/3/2019 NRL 74/81 Repair Solid State Electronic Devices Laboratory Naval Research Lab, Washington, D.C. $10-25 Million
2:00P Dept of the Navy (N4008017R7398 Amnd. 2) CMD: Ddg:
The project renovates 18,365 square feet of laboratory space in Building 74, constructs an additional 9,576 square feet on the second floor, and renovates 1,286 square feet of laboratory space in Building 81. The project is to provide research, testing, clean room and laboratory facilities for the electronic science and technology mission. The renovation includes replacement and repair of structural and architectural systems including steel framing, second floor assembly, roof, windows, doors, exterior finishes, exterior egress stairs, elevator, partitions, interior finished, laboratory facilities and abatement of hazardous materials. The renovation also includes replacement of mechanical and electrical systems including controls, chilled water system, air handling system, fire protection, clean room and laboratory systems (water, gas, ventilation, pressurization, and filtration), lighting, power and electrical distribution. This project will provide Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) features and comply with AT/FP regulations, and physical security mitigation in accordance with DoD Minimum Anti- Terrorism Standards for Buildings. Sustainable principles will be included in the construction of the project in accordance with Executive Order 13423 and other laws and Executive Orders. Facilities will meet LEED ratings and comply with the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Low Impact Development will be included in the design and construction of this project as appropriate. Facilities will be constructed to meet or exceed the useful service life specified in DoD Unified Facilities Criteria. Facilities will incorporate features that provide the lowest practical life cycle cost solutions satisfying the facility requirements with the goal of maximizing energy efficiency. The existing building is unoccupied.
7/5/2019 NIST Advanced Measurement Lab (AML) Const and Fit-Up MultipleAward IDIQ-Seed:Bldg 215 Clean Rooms Seed Proj:Bldg 215 Clean Rooms A103, A104, A106 & B101, NIST, 100 Bureau Dr, Gaithersburg, MD
12:00P NIST (1333ND19QNB190002 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
This project is intended to provide a multiple award indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) construction contract for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Measurement Laboratory (AML). The Government intends to award at least two (2) contracts. The AML complex which is approximately 536,507 square feet is one of the most technologically advanced complexes in the world, and provides combined features of close temperature control, vibration isolation, air cleanliness, and power quality for scientific research at NIST. The AML complex consists of five buildings (215 through 219), each with one inhabitable scientific level. Two metrology buildings (218 and 219) are below ground, two physical sciences buildings (216 and 217) and a cleanroom building (215, NanoFab) are located above ground. The NanoFab building provides researchers rapid access to a comprehensive suite of tools and processes for nanofabrication. This world-class shared resource provides researchers with a unique combination of a simple application process, extensive tool and process development, hands-on training, and access to NIST-wide expertise in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The NanoFab (Building 215) features a large, dedicated cleanroom, with all the tools operated within an 8,000 square foot (750 m2) class 100 space, or in adjacent laboratories that have superior air quality along with vibration, temperature, and humidity control. Over 65 major tools are available for electron beam lithography, photolithography, nano–imprint lithography, laser writing and mask generation, field emission scanning electron microscopy, metal deposition, plasma etching, chemical vapor deposition, a tomic layer deposition, and silicon micro/nano-machining. This equipment is selected to provide users with a high degree of flexibility with tomorrow’s technologies. All of the tools within the CNST NanoFab are designed to accommodate a wide variety of materials and substrate sizes from small pieces to conventional size wafers. The facility must be upgraded and modified to accommodate rapid changes in technological equipment and facility usage needs. The multiple award IDIQ contract will provide specialized construction contractors that have the capability to install and conduct upgrades and modifications to the AML laboratories. Work to be performed within active laboratory space while research is being conducted in adjacent areas.
7/8/2019 General Construction for NIST Labs, Offices, and Infrastructure 3 year IDIQ. SEED: Bldg. 224 NIST, 100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 T/O Range $2.5k-$1.5 Million
2:00P NIST (NB195000-19-RNB-19-0016 Amnd. 4) CMD: Ddg:
Construction tasks may include • Demolition of NIST structures • Repair and or replacement, modification, renovation or additional chilled water piping, steam, or plumbing utilities. • Repair and or replacement, modification, renovation or additional of electrical switchgear, panel boards, and related electrical equipment connected to said equipment • Repair and or replacement, modification, renovation or additional for gases (nitrogen, compressed air, helium, oxygen) • Repair and or replacement of HVAC related equipment to include direct digital control equipment • Repair and/or repair by replacement all aspects of NIST facilities, • Modification/reconfiguration of NIST facilities • Building additions • Building envelop related construction to include exhausts • Renovations and upgrades to laboratory and scientific research facilities. • Renovations and upgrades to administrative and common space • All aspects of a campus utility system and supporting underground structures to include boilers, refrigeration units, cooling towers, and associated equipment • Excavating, trenching, and backfilling • Surveying • Roads/sidewalks, • Earthwork and landscaping, • Gates/fences, • Ponds, • Fencing, and related engineering necessary to support a campus environment, • Permit applications to regulatory authorities • Environmental compliance (State or Federal) • Hazardous material assessment and abatement • Renewable energy • Wells • Fiber optic and copper related communication wiring/devices • Modular Office Furniture only when it is part of a comprehensive construction task order
7/9/2019 AFICA EAST Design/Build Repair Facilities Ammo Area - Multi, Tyndall AFB Tyndall AFB, FL 32403 $1-5 Million
10:00A Department of the Air Force (FA481919R7001 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The purpose of the Tyndall Air Force Base (TAFB) project XLWU 19-8110, Repair Facilities Ammo Area - Multi, is to rapidly repair hurricane damage and to bring the buildings identified herein into full compliance with current building codes, including the DoD Building Code, UFC, and the portion of the Florida Building Code that contains the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) provisions as they apply to the tasks described herein. TAFB will be treated as a Wind Zone 4 located site. Time is of the essence. This task order delivery method is Design-Build (D-B). Work on supporting facilities includes external building fixtures, building utilities within the Points of Demarcation (POD) for privatized utilities, and work within the Administration / Office Building. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing all enhanced labor, equipment, tools, materials, and services necessary to quickly and fully complete the project within the allotted timeframe. The project is comprised of individual buildings and related infrastructure identified located on Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB).
7/10/2019 Holy Redeemer Church Annex Renovation Washington. DC
3:00P Archdiocese of Washington (2 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
Annex replacement to create a new entrance and circulation structure including a new elevator. The scope of work includes: • Demo of existing annex • Site work to create ramps down to new entry and the front garden o The fire pit may have natural gas piped to it • A freight sized traction elevator – will be used for caskets o The elevator shaft will be a CMU wall with backlight marble as the exterior finish • Replace all the existing doors that will now open into the new annex • A new electrical panel for the annex in the existing electrical closet in the lower church • A new accessible restroom in the annex • New exterior lighting in both the front and rear • Relocation of the existing gas meter – under the new platform in front • Possible replacement of the existing sanctuary air conditioning system Please note, we are coordinating with the electrical engineer to add in the lights for the marble on the elevator shaft. These are currently only shown on the Architectural set. An addendum will be forthcoming.
7/12/2019 Training Campus at Fort A.P. Hill - Step 1 Fort A.P. Hill, VA $10-25 Million
11:00A Dept of the Army (W912DR19B0015 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
Design-bid-build (DBB) construction services for a MILCON project to construct a training campus consisting of a team room building, a classroom building, ready bay building, troop aid station building, and a medical training building. These buildings will be slab on grade construction with a pre-engineered building (PEB) structure. The existing operations center building and latrine building will also be renovated. The total square footage of new building construction is approximately 36,500 SF. The total square footage of buildings to be renovated is approximately 13,500 SF. Supporting facilities include all site-related work to include stormwater management and parking, utilities to each building, and demolition of existing structures at the project site. The period of performance is 548 calendar days after receipt of Notice to Proceed.
7/15/2019 NIH Tier 1 D/B Utility Vault and Patient Parking Garage, NIH Bethesda NIH Campus, Bethesda, MD Over $10 Million
1:00P NIH (C104771 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The National Institutes of Health intends to award a Firm Fixed-Price Design-Build Contract for the design and construction of a new Utility Vault and Patient Parking Garage (UVPPG) to be located on the NIH Campus in Bethesda, MD. The Design-Build contractor’s Scope of Work shall include all architectural, engineering, construction, project management, quality control and other related services necessary to design, construct and deliver the UVPPG project. The project shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the criteria contained in Attachment 2, Bridging Documents including Statement of Work, and Attachment 3, Additional Reference Information. B. NIH’s A/E team, led by HOK, developed the bridging documents after studying existing site conditions, soil borings report, test pits, archeological site assessment, site surveys, studies and reviewing of available as-built/design drawings of the utility tunnels, electrical feeders’ routes and manholes. These as-built/design drawings are furnished in Attachment 3 for information only and NIH does not guarantee accuracy of the information on those drawings. The DB contractors, interested in performing additional borings, test pits, survey etc. can do so with advance notice and approval. C. The UVPPG project consists of two buildings - a two-story utility vault structure, required to withstand progressive collapse and blast mitigation, to be used for housing future electrical infrastructure; and a six-story open parking garage. In addition to the parking garage design presented in the Bridging Documents (referred to as the ‘Base Bid’), NIH is seeking an alternate design per the criteria stated in Alternate 03 in Attachment 2, Appendix C - Bid Alternates. The Design Build firm shall design and construct using professional standard of care, good industry practice using such construction means and methods that will not impact existing underground functioning utility tunnel, electrical feeders, traffic and safety of personnel. Installation of new and relocation of all existing utilities within the limits of construction shall be accomplished with utmost care to facilitate and protect ongoing operations of adjacent buildings.
7/16/2019 GSA 11 DOI D/B 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor and Central Plant Roof Replacement Dept of Interior, Udall Bldg., 1849 C Street, NW, Wash DC 20240 $1-5 Million
11:00A GSA (47PM0219R0020 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
Due to the fact the roofs are leaking and causing damage to exterior doors and finished ceilings and walls, there is urgent need for the removal and replacement of the existing roof on 2nd floor, 3rd floor and roof over central plant located between wings 3 and 4 at first floor with a new fluid applied roofing system and ballast. Scope DOES NOT INCLUDE Secretary’s Balcony roof and railings located in Wing 1 sixth floor. The Scope of Work indicated is not intended to limit the design of the D/B Contractor’s Architect/Engineer. Variation from the Scope of Work will be considered by GSA, if the proposed change is within the construction budget limitations, meets the objectives for the project, and results in an improved design. GSA must approve all proposed changes in the Scope of Work. The Stewart Lee Udall Department of Interior Building is located at 1849 C Street, NW, Washington, D.C. The floor plate is rectangular and is broken down into six wings in the east-west direction. There is a central spine within the center of the building oriented in the north-south direction which connects the C Street and E Street entry sides of the building. Roofs on second floor are accessible from street level. Roofs on third floor are accessible from second floor. All of the roof systems are low-slope flat systems. IRMA (inverted roofing membrane assembly) occurs at Level 3 areas (end of wings) and Level 2 perimeter roof areas. Roof drains are 4” in diameter and are connected to a primary roof drainage system. The flat roof systems include positive pitch to drain. There are no wall scuppers and there is no independent secondary drainage system. The base contract for the DOI Modernization Project did not include replacement of any roofing . Main building roofs were replaced during wing 2 modernization with green roofs in 2011. During the course of the project, it was discovered that the existing low level roofs located on the second, third and sixth floors of the building along all wings were leaking and beyond the life cycle. Due to the fact the roof is leaking and causing damage to exterior doors and finished ceilings and walls, the Government has decided removal and replacement of the existing roof with a new fluid applied roofing system and ballast. Upon further review, DOI in consultation with GSA decided that (1) Secretary's balcony roof and wing roof and railing be deferred; (2) sixth floor roofing be deferred for future in house project; and (3) Central Plant roof located between wings 3 and 4 on first floor be considered for replacement. Central Plant roof was built on existing original skylights during second world war. Roof has reached its life cycle and is deteriorating. Condition of roof underlayment and skylight cover is not known. Extensive design effort will needed to protect skylight and construct base on which new roofing will be constructed.
7/16/2019 Navy SDVOSB Western: D/B Rm 12-1912, Renovate Research Lab Complex, Navy Annex Monterey, CA Navy Annex, NAVSUPPACT Monterey, Monterey, California, CA $8.9 Million
2:00P Dept of the Navy NAVFAC Southwest (N6247314D0069X062 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
This is a Design-Build project for repairs of Buildings 213, 214, 215, 216, and 217, the Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) propulsion, gas, turbo-machinery and rocket laboratories at the Navy Annex. The work consists of a comprehensive building repair that will modernize the infrastructure’s systems and correct code/safety deficiencies. Base Item 0001 is for the Comprehensive renovation of building 216 Gas Dynamics Lab – High Speed and Micro Propulsions Lab, which will include repairs to exterior shell and interior finishes, repairs to HVAC and plumbing systems, repairs to electrical system, installation of fire protection systems, seismic upgrades, as well as construction of a mezzanine within the existing envelope.
7/16/2019 Eliminate Flooding Risk at Hains Point NCRO. Renovation of Existing HQ Buildings National Park Service Regional Office Campus in NCRO, Hains Point, 1100 Ohio Drive SW, Wash DC 20242 >$10 Million
4:00P U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service (140P2019R0068 Amnd. 4) CMD: Ddg:
The purpose of this office-building repair and renovation construction project is to address the following issues in the existing building and site: alleviate historic flooding problems, address building code requirements, provide modernized, efficient office space for NPS staff, and provide other required improvements. The work is expected to include, but not limited to, site utilities work, site accessibility upgrades, extensive interior demolition, hazardous materials abatement, structural modifications, construction of new building entrances, renovation/replacement of interior layout and finishes, new elevator, extensive renovation/replacement of MEP systems, and new security, fire alarm, telecom and fire protection systems. In addition, there are options for new a roof system, and window and exterior work.
7/17/2019 AFICA EAST Repair HVAC Multi VLSB 14-0031 at Shaw AFB, SC Buildings 160, 417, 825, 1213, and 1900, Shaw AFB, SC $10-25 Million
1:00P USAF (FA4803-19-R-R001 Amnd. 1) CMD: Ddg:
7/21/2019 D/B North Village ACP and Perimeter Fence Pentagon - Phase II Pentagon Reservation, Arlington, VA $10-25 Million
11:00A Dept of the Army (W912DR19R0016 Amnd. 3) CMD: Ddg:
The work includes but is not limited to the design and construction of a combined 985 gsf visitor control building and vehicle access control point. The ACP will allow for vehicular screening under a canopy as well as screening of both employee and visitors. A separate utility building (mechanical/electrical/telecom) will be provided. A canopy will connect the screening building and utility building. The project will also include authentication activities, traffic management, site work, paving and walkways, utility relocation, roadway reconfiguration to allow adequate vehicle queuing, construction phasing, active and passive barriers as well as a perimeter fence. The site/roadway modifications include, but are not limited to, vehicular approach and reject lanes connecting to Boundary Channel Access Road, the existing access and exit lanes, and related signage. The work also requires demolition/removal of the South Basin contents and associated piping, way-finding and signage, and site lighting. Other elements of this project include gate arms, active vehicle barriers, under vehicle screening systems, license plate readers, passive vehicle barriers, paving for access roadways and installation of pedestrian turnstile. Includes installation of security equipment, intrusion detection system, closed circuit television, fire alarm system, information system, backup power, uninterruptible power supply, canopy with foundation, precast limestone veneer exterior, and lighting. Construction must be phased to keep access control point operational. Other work includes the demolition of the North Village perimeter fence and installation of a crash-rated fence including infrastructure to support lighting and intrusion detection, removal and backfill of the south abandoned waste water basin, demolition of the existing temporary pedestrian access control point and guard post, duct banks for power, telecom, IT, and security, connections for water, sewer utility services, storm drainage with Low Impact Development (LID) measures, concrete walkway, paving, curbs, gutters, exterior lighting, and landscaping. Project includes Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) features and complies with AT/FP regulations, and physical security mitigation in accordance with DoD Minimum Anti- Terrorism Standards for Buildings. Low Impact Development and Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act pollutant reduction features will be included in the design and construction of this project as appropriate.
7/23/2019 Design/Build 911th Vehicle Maintenance Shop and Company Operations Facility - Phase II Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060 $10-25 Million
11:00A Dept of the Army (W912DR19R0005 Amnd. 6) CMD: Ddg:
Construct a standard-design medium Vehicle Maintenance Shop and a Company Operations Facility to include hazardous waste storage and oil storage buildings, organizational vehicle parking, vehicle storage facility, open and organizational equipment storage. Construction will include special foundations and connection to Energy Monitoring Control Systems (EMCS), intrusion detection systems (IDS) installation, fire alarm and suppression and building information system. Supporting Facilities include electric services, water and gas distribution and wastewater collection lines, a water pump for fire suppression system, access road, pavements, curbs and gutters, storm drainage, site preparation, environmental studies and documentation, and information systems. Antiterrorism/force protection measures include laminated glass windows in reinforced frames, reinforced exterior doors, security lighting, fencing, barriers, and visual screening. Heating and air conditioning will be provided by stand-alone systems. Measures in accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD) Minimum Antiterrorism for Buildings standards will be provided. Facilities will be designed to a minimum life of 40 years in accordance with DoD's Unified Facilities Code (UFC 1-200-02) including energy efficiencies, building envelope and integrated building systems performance. Sustainability and Energy measures will be provided. Access for individuals with disabilities will be provided. Comprehensive building and furnishings related to interior design services are required. Demolish 1 Building (5,112 Total SF). Air Conditioning (Estimated 150 Tons) and the other building is modular (2,400 Total SF).
8/6/2019 Building 8 Renovation, Marine Barracks Washington 8th & I Streets SE, Washington, D.C. $10-25 Million
2:00P Dept of the Navy (N4008018R2234 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
This project is for the restoration and modernization of the Command Post/Building 8 at the Marine Barracks Washington (MBW). The renovation serves to: 1) create a positive and collaborative working environment which significantly improves communication, flow and quality in the workplace; 2) maximize the existing footprint to become a flexible, efficient and modern administrative space program capable of meeting the future needs of the Command Post; 3) address operational and functional space deficiencies and provide a high-performance, sustainable and safe working environment for the next fifty years. The project addresses a multitude of functional and operational deficiencies. The project will repair by replacement all building systems including the demolition and removal of all existing obsolete building materials and systems. It will replace internal non- original fixed partition walls, windows, interior and some exterior doors, internal floors, wall and ceiling hard and soft finishes. The renovation incudes the replacement of all plumbing systems and fixtures as well as upgrade of all HVAC systems. Other improvements include the installation of fire detection and suppression systems, replacement of electric power and lighting distribution lines and equipment, and upgrades to communication, security and alarm systems. The project will restore all existing historic stairways to meet safety code requirements, and incorporate one centrally located four stop elevator. Accessibility will be improved with an at-grade ADA compliant access to Building 8 from the west side. Removal and abatement of hazardous materials is necessary to create a safe working environment. The second floor breezeway connector and Kalwall enclosure to Building 9 will be repaired and refinished as part of this project. Antiterrorism/Force Protection window, door and related component upgrades are included.
GSA 11 Renovation of 9th Floor RMB USSS Headquarters USSS Headquarters, 950 H Street NW, Washington, D.C. $150,000-350,000
GSA (47PM0419Q0007 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
USSS 9TH Floor PID RMB SCIF Renovation. Design/Bid/Build - Per the scope of work, provide all labor, materials, equipment and supervision to renovate specific areas of the USSS 9th Floor PID RMB SCIF. Period of Performance is 120 days - PoP: 11/28/2018 - 03/28/2019
GSA 11 D/B OIT Consolidation Project Phase 1 Demo of Suites 1515, 1525 and 153, Prettyman Courthouse 333 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001 $250,000 to $400,000
GSA (47PM0519Q0008 Amnd. 3) CMD: Ddg:
PROJECT GOALS 4.1 Goals: The goals of the project include, but are not limited to: A. To prepare the required documentation and procure the work required to demolish Suites 1513, 1525, 1530 and all associated offices, as identified on attached Drawings 1 and 2, to enable a new U.S. District Court Office of Information Technology (OIT) suite to be built. B. To establish work order priorities in order to carry work in a phased approach, taking into account the needs and requirements of the tenant agencies and the realities of budget constraints and limitations. C. All work disruptive to tenants shall be performed during "off-hours" (i.e. evening and night) and on weekends. The Contractor shall coordinate all work activity with the Building Manager and the Contracting Officer's Representative to ensure that proper security and access arrangements are made with minimal impact on the construction schedule. D. Full compliance with all building's security regulations. E. Provision of the necessary cutting, patching, and repair of the existing buildings. F. Demolition shall be in accordance with OSHA and applicable building code requirements. C. To preserve and enhance the cultural property.
AFICA East D/B Repair Hangar Building 290, Tyndall AFB, FL 1275 Florida Avenue, Tyndall AFB, FL 32403 >$10 Million
Dept of the Air Force (XLWU 19-8103 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The purpose of the Tyndall Air Force Base (TAFB) project XLWU 19-8103, Repair Hangar Building 290, is to rapidly repair hurricane damage and to bring the building and its supporting facilities into full compliance with current building codes, including but not limited to the DoD Building Code, UFC 4-211-01 Aircraft Maintenance Hangars, and the portion of the Florida Building Code that contains the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) provisions. (TAFB will be treated as a Wind Zone 4 located site) Work on supporting facilities include external building fixtures, building utilities within the Points of Demarcation (POD) for privatized utilities, and work within the remotely located Base Energy Management Control Center (EMCS). Time is of the essence. This project includes the acquisition and installation of structures to temporarily house personnel and equipment, which will allow the facility missions to continue while the permanent facility is under construction. Some spaces are certified for the handling and storage of classified information and/or materials. Following construction, all purchased swing space facilities are to be taken out of service, secured for long-term storage, and removed to a location on TAFB once they are no longer needed for the project. All rented swing space facilities are to be taken out of service, secured for transport, and removed from TAFB. Building 290 is located at 1275 Florida Avenue, Tyndall AFB, Florida 32403. It is an approximately 59,000 sf aircraft hangar primarily for the general maintenance of 5th generation fighter aircraft (F-22 and/or F-35), which incorporates normal and Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) administrative spaces. Building 290 is located on an active DoD airfield.
Two-Phase IDIQ for Nationwide MEDCOM, Sample Proj:DB Repair Preventive Medicine Bld 8420, Ft.Knox KY PHASE II D/B IDIQ for Healthcare Facility Design/Repair/Construction for MEDCOM Nationwide
US Army COE, Mobile AL (W91278-15-R-0020 Amnd. 9) CMD: Ddg:
SEED PROJ: The objective of this project is for the Contractor to provide all labor, materials, equipment and utilities necessary to complete a Design, and the Repair/Renewal effort as specified, for the Preventive Medicine Bldg. This requirement shall be a total turnkey deliverable. No transition space is required, the building is unoccupied, and contains no hazardous materials. The existing Preventive Medicine Building is approximately 5,900 sf and located at: 2001 Base St, Ft. Knox, KY. The building was originally constructed as a soldier barracks. The building is over 42 years old, with aging infrastructure and failed/failing systems, finishes, etc. A complete repair/renewal is required to meet the mission for Preventive Medicine, as well to correct all deficiencies and failed/failing conditions. IDIQ Nationwide MEDCOM: The primary purpose of this contract is to provide a full range of construction services to include design/build renovation, repair and new construction for MEDCOM medical treatment facilities (MTF) and medical research laboratory facilities to provide quick, cost effective responses to requirements for MEDCOM facilities, primarily at military installations. Potential projects include, but are not limited to, work inside both permanent and temporary facilities some of which include the following types: medical centers, community hospitals, medical clinics, dental treatment facilities, veterinary treatment facilities, medical office buildings, medical research laboratory facilities, medical warehouses, and various other facility types in direct support of the MEDCOM mission. As the facilities will typically be in full operation, the contractor will be required to minimize interference with the daily operation of the facilities and will be required to implement infection control processes and to comply with Joint Commission requirements for construction work in occupied medical facilities. The term of the contract is limited to a one year base period and two (2) twelve month options.
D/B Modernization of USDA Foreign Disease Weed-Science Research Facility S-17-0005 USDA-ARS-FDWSRL, 1301 Ditto Avenue, Frederick, Maryland 21702 >$60 Million
Department of Agriculture ARS (AG-3K25-S-17-0005 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
Besides the fact that the research at Fort Detrick is spread over many small and inefficient buildings, the current research facilities are approximately 30 years old and have exceeded their service life. The project scope includes constructing a new BSL-3 Plant Pathogen Containment facility consisting of a Laboratory, Head house, and Greenhouse and will be adjacent to existing Buildings 1301-1309 complex. The new facility will be approximately 50,000 GSF and will serve as a replacement for Buildings 374 (BSL-3 Plant Pathogen Containment) and 390 (Effluent Decontamination System), which has a combined total of 18,467 GSF. The proposed construction at Fort Detrick will be performed on an active research campus located on a secure military installation. The Estimated Cost of Construction for the Modernization of the FDWSRL at Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD, is more than $60 million. Prospective Design Build Contractors are required to provide an Operations and Maintenance Plan. The Bridging Documents (BD) will consist of a complete 65% design submission. The Design Build Contractor (DBC) will use the BDs as the basis to complete a set of construction documents. As stated above, the purpose of this Sources Sought notice is to identify prospective Small, SDB, SDVOSB, HubZone, WOSB and Certified 8(a) firms to provide Design Build services associated with the Modernization of the FDWSRL. The current goal for ARS is to complete the BDs before the end of April 2017, and to award the construction contract in the January 2018 timeframe. NO SOLICITATION EXISTS. THIS REQUEST IS INTENDED ONLY TO IDENTIFY SOURCES OF PROSPECTIVE DESIGN BUILD FIRMS. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this sources sought announcement. The deadline to respond to this notice is December 30, 2016, 3:00 pm Eastern.
GSA IDIQ Construction Svcs-Design & Construction Svc 16-GX-1012 -Sources Sought Washington DC Area $200,000 - $8 Million
General Services Administration (GS11P16GX1012 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
GSA anticipates awarding up to 15 contracts.Each contract awarded will contain a guaranteed minimum amount for the base period to be identified in the solicitation. A single task order award could potentially range from $2,000 to $8,000,000. Primarily, task orders will consist of repair/alteration and tenant finish projects for the GSA and other government agencies in occupied federally owned or leased buildings. A typical task order could contain some or all of the following: modifications to architectural components and related electrical systems associated with, but not limited to ceilings, walls, floors (including access floor systems), roofing systems, millwork and wall covering. Work may also include modifications and replacement of mechanical systems to include, but not be limited to: air handling units, chillers, boilers, ductwork systems and accessories, piping systems (including pumps), HVAC system controls, fire protection sprinkler systems and accessories, and plumbing equipment/accessories. In addition, scope may also include work on electrical systems including, but not be limited to lighting systems, primary and secondary power distribution systems and transformers. Special competencies will be required for any work involving membrane roofing, asbestos abatement, PCB removal and/or elevator work. Interested parties shall be capable of providing the services associated with the aforementioned competencies.
FBI Mid-Level MACC IDIQ Various locations $150k - $30 million
FBI (DJF-17-1200-R-0000045 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has determined the need to procure a suite of Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Regional Multiple Award Construction Contracts (RMACCs) to perform construction on a regional basis and nationwide. The contracts will meet a majority of the FBI infrastructure needs for construction, remodel, and renovation for projects with a construction value between $150,000.00 and $30,000,000.00 within the 50 United States and its territories. These contracts are intended to provide prompt responses on an as-needed basis for routine and emergent requirements. The contracts offer a streamlined approach to construction contracting and ongoing competition between qualified contractors. The scope of work will include, but is not limited to, real property repairs, maintenance, and general construction, and demolition. Facilities include, but are not limited to, operations buildings, hangars, commercial buildings and their mechanical and electrical systems, site utilities, and roadways. Design/Build, Design/Bid/Build, and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) project delivery methods will be used. It is anticipated that this RMACC will have four (4) pools of three to five (3-5) contractors. Pool #1 will be a nationwide pool consisting of other than small businesses who will bid on projects with an estimated value of greater than $4,000,000.00. All other pools will be established for a specific location and set-aside for small businesses with estimated project construction values of $150,000.00 to $4,000,000.00. Pool #2 will support the Redstone Arsenal (RSA) region centered in Huntsville, AL. Pool #3 will support the National Capital Region (NCR). Pool #4 will support the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) region centered in Clarksburg, WV. Projects at all other nationwide and territorial locations under $4,000,000.00 construction costs will be made available to all small business pools. Projects under $150,000.00 may use this vehicle if the Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) determines that it is in the Governments best interest to use this vehicle. Each of the contracts will include a base period and four option periods. The minimum guarantee for each individual contract will be $5,000. The anticipated aggregate capacity for the RMACC is $800,000,000.00. The government has determined that the Two-Phase Design-Build Selection Procedure outlined in FAR Subpart 36.3 is appropriate for this procurement.
FRR MATOC Design/Build Repair Bldg. 416, JB Myers-Henderson JB Myers-Henderson, VA
Dept of the Army, Huntsville, AL (24 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
This design-build project will repair unaccompanied enlisted barracks Building 416. This building is in failing condition due to aging. This is a VOLAR style barracks building constructed in 1977. This project covers building 416 complex which consists four (4) wings (416-A, 416-B, 416-C & 416-D) and a common use building. This project repairs the failed and failing components of the barracks building 416. Total SF is approximately 63,377 not including a basement section under each wing and the common area facility (2,768). Systems to be repaired include exterior walls, doors, pooches, and soffits, exiting roof. Roof and wall insulation will be repaired to current standards, new blast windows will be installed, and AT/FP measures will be retrofitted. The buildings utility systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems and HVAC systems to be repaired by replacement. Ceiling mounted light fixtures will be provided. Additional repairs include existing interior doors and walls, some reconfiguration to maximize capacity and improve efficiency of interior space. Leaking plumbing lines, HVAC ductwork, chilled and heating water systems will be repaired in accordance to table 2-1 of DA PAM 420-11. Walls and ceiling surfaces to remain will be repaired, finished and painted, flooring throughout will be repaired or replaced as required. Structural elements damaged by mold and water leaks will be abated or replaced to meet health standards and handicap access will be provided to common areas. Removal of Asbestos containing material (ACM) and lead base paint (LBP) will be abated/required in this repair project. Due to the water intrusion, some of the walls, ceilings and flooring have been damaged. Mold problems persist throughout Building 416. No major repairs have been made to this building in over 20 years. The barracks building does not meet current requirements for protection against progressive collapse. Blast windows will be required to be installed due to the proximity of the building with the installation perimeter. Open balconies will be eliminated.
Replace Ground Vehicle Fuel Facility at Joint Base Langley Eustis Joint Base Langley Eustis Newport News VA $5-10 Million
Dept of the Army, USACE District, Norfolk (W91236-19-B-0008 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
This effort will require the services of a construction firm capable of managing the demolishing of three degraded underground storage tanks, and replace them with three horizontal above ground storage tanks and six dual hose fuel dispensing units. Work shall include anti-terrorism force protection requirements, utility connections, curb and gutters, storm drainage / Low Impact Development (LID), information systems, site development, fencing, and signage.
Munitions Load Crew Training Facility at Joint Base Andrews 113th Wing, 3252 Perimeter Road, Joint Base Andrews AFB, MD $1-5 Million
Dept of the Army National Guard Bureau (W912R1-19-B-5002 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The project will be LEED® Silver Certified. The requirement will consist of the construction of a new Munitions Load Crew Training Hangar, with supporting facilities, for a total of 8,279 gross square feet of new construction. Support facilities include toilets, offices, a classroom, and storage and support spaces. All work shall be accomplished in accordance with applicable drawings, specifications, industry standards, building and environmental codes, regulations, and laws. Moreover, the Contractor shall comply with ALL applicable Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) and Air National Guard Engineering Technical Letters (ANG ETL); in addition to federal, state, and local regulations. In addition to a base price for the work described above, the solicitation will include Government Options (Additive Bid Items (ABI).
Replace Flight Line Aviation POL Yard, (JBLE) Joint Base Langley Eustis (JBLE) Joint Base Langley Eustis,Newport News, VA $5-10 Million
USACE District, Norfolk (W9123619B0020 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
This effort will require the services of a construction firm capable of managing the failing infrastructure at Felker Army Air Field, JBLE with a modern, complete, and usable fuel point. The new POL Yard will be constructed adjacent to the existing POL Yard location. The two (2) 30,000 gallon aboveground storage tanks will be replaced with two (2) 20,000 gallon aboveground storage tanks, with room reserved for a future third tank. The project will have all necessary associated equipment, truck parking, truck fill islands, offloading station, filtration, canopies, storage building and distribution piping.

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