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Bid Date Project Location Estimate
9/29/2020 USPS HVAC Equipment Replacement, Newport News, VA Main Office Newport News MPO, 101 25th St., Newport News, VA 23607 $2-2.4 Million
3:00P USPS (482263-20-A-0062 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The scope of work for mechanical systems is as follows, however the contractor shall still refer to the contract drawings for specific details of the project work: 1. Demolition and new work involved with the replacement of two water-cooled chillers, two steam boilers, pumps serving boilers and chillers, cooling tower, and eight air handling units. Existing air-cooled chiller will be abandoned in place. Existing three fan coil units will be demolished. All existing radiant heaters on all floor will be abandoned and piping serving those radiant heaters will be capped. Radiant heaters on first floor vestibules will remain active and will be used to provide heating in those vestibules. Two air handlers on first floor work area have hydronic heating and cooling. 2. Integrate all new equipment with the BAS. Program BAS graphics to match new conditions. Program BAS for chiller system and hot water systems optimization and smooth start-up and operations. Replace the BAS specifically for the following systems: • Chilled water (CHW) system - The SOW of work also includes converting the constant volume secondary pumping system to variable-primary system. This is a recommended Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) for the LCCA’s Alternate 3. The SOW also includes required piping modifications to achieve this ECM. • CHW and condenser water (CW) systems – New valves to aid operations and maintenance. • Heating hot water (HHW) system to include boiler and pumps • AHUs and their associated CHW and HHW control valves. • Other miscellaneous HVAC equipment/components C. The electrical scope of work includes the systems, equipment and components required to support the electrical requirements for the replacement of the chillers, boilers, pumps, AHUs and ancillary equipment. The SOW will also include electrical requirements to power the new equipment in place. This effort will also salvage and reuse existing electrical wiring, conduit, stands and other equipment hardware where possible. The new electrical distribution will be National Electric Code (NEC) 2014 complaint. D. Provide structural scope of work as it relates to the mechanical upgrades. This effort will include technical details for moving and stationary loads during construction and rigging. The details will be used to finalize the project rigging plan. The structural SOW will also include seismic considerations, as part of the mechanical upgrades. The design SOW for structural upgrades is limited to the interfaces between new equipment and existing structure. The overall lateral stability for the temporary structure for wind or earthquake loads was also studied and incorporated into the design. The seismic design requirements area also included in the SOW. E. Provide architectural scope of work as it relates to the mechanical upgrades. This effort will include removal, replacement and refinishing of gypsum walls and ceiling surfaces; and ceiling grids, tiles and fixtures in a few office areas. F. All work shall be in accordance with applicable codes and local regulations that may apply. In case of conflict in or between the Contract Documents and a governing code or ordinance, the more stringent standard shall apply.
10/2/2020 GSA 11 7th Floor Refresh Paint and Carpet Project at LBJ Federal Bldg. 400 Maryland Ave., SW, Washington, D.C. 20202 $600,000-700,000
3:00P GSA (47PM0420Q0028 Amnd. 3) CMD: Ddg:
The Contractor is to provide all labor, materials, equipment and supervision to Painting and Carpet replacement of the 7th floor at the Department of Education located at Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), 400 Maryland Avenue, S.W., Washington, DC for the employees and public visiting the building. Work to be completed on the 7th floor carpeted areas, except for The Secretary Suite. Number of private offices (68), standard size is 10-0 x 10-0. The number of Conference Rooms is (10). The number of workstations is (120). This work is to be completed in accordance to the Scope of Work (dated May 2020).
10/13/2020 GSA 11 D/B C.1-40 Floor Plan at Ronald Reagan Building 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20004 $25,000-100,000
11:00A GSA (47PM0420Q0029 Amnd. 2) CMD: Ddg:
The General Services Administration (GSA) intends to award Design/Build Services for the renovation of the office and adjacent storage room located on Level “C” identified as office C.1-40 of the Ronald Reagan Building to and include power, Voice/data and other receptacles located in the aforementioned office. The project is a change in use of space. The project is not a change in occupancy.
10/19/2020 AOC MACC 2020 - Step 2 Washington, DC
5:00P AOC (AOCACB20R0031 Amnd. 9) CMD: Ddg:
1.3 Objectives. The objective of the MACC IDIQ is to provide the AOC with a variety of qualified General Contractors that can provide construction services in support of the Capitol Complex Facilities Management team within the United States Capitol Complex and outlying sites. 1.4 Scope. 1.4.1 The Offeror shall be responsible for providing the necessary labor, material, equipment, project management, quality control, coordination of tasks, and safety services under the MACC IDIQ Contract. Task Orders issued under this contract may include the following types of services: •Energy Savings •Sustainable SITES/LEED Construction •Waterproofing/Structural Repair of Foundations •Selective Demolition •Rehabilitation of Parking Garages •Code Compliance •Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Preservation of Historic Structures and BuildingFacades •Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler/Systems Upgrades •Protection Systems for facilities and grounds to support security mission •Roof Replacement •Temporary Facilities •Emergency Power/Electrical Upgrades •Design/Build Construction •Lighting Protection •Building Fall Protection •Vertical Transportation, elevators, escalators •Food Service Equipment and Cafeterias •Garage rollup doors, loading docks upgrades, alteration •Off-site Data Center upgrades, renovations •Central Power Plant heavy mechanical renovations & upgrades •MEP or HVAC upgrades/replacement •Building Automation, Direct Digital Controls •Electrical; lighting, fire alarm system, security system including cameras andsmart metering •General carpentry, casework, general interior space modernization, trim work,door installation/repairs •Paving, sidewalk and landscape work •Perimeter Security Infrastructure 1.4.2 All work shall meet the intent of the International Building Code (IBC) and all applicable state and local codes and shall be completed in a professional workmanship manner and meet current industry standards. The awarded contract may also cover other type of repairs that are not covered/listed in the items identified above. The above list is provided to cover general scopes of work that may be awarded under this contract. 1.5 Contract Type. Task Orders may be Firm Fixed Price, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), or Time & Material (T&M). The contract type will be determined at the Task Order level. 1.6 Place of Performance/Hours of Operation. The majority of the work will occur within the United States Capitol Complex. Specifically, facilities include the United States Capitol, the House Office Buildings and the Senate Office Buildings, the Library of Congress Buildings and Grounds, the United States Supreme Court, the United States Botanic Garden, the United States Capitol Power Plant, the Capitol Grounds, and the Capitol Police Buildings Grounds and Security. The AOC also maintains off-site facilities in the District of Columbia and in Virginia and Maryland. Specific locations and hours of operation will be identified at the Task Order level. 1.7 Period of Performance. The MACC contract will be a one (1), one (1) year period and seven (7), one (1)year optional ordering periods.
10/23/2020 AFICA East D/B Update and Repair Hangar 706, Dover AFB Dover AFB, Kent County, DE $5-10 Million
3:00P Air Force (Project 1007960 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The Contractor shall investigative, survey, design, and provide construction services required for the repair of the Hangar 706 roof, flooring, correction of fire protection deficiencies, HVAC, mass notification, electrical and lighting systems upgrades, as well as installation of a fall protection system. The work shall consist of the design and construction work as necessary to comply with specified design standards and this statement of work. Contractor must provide electrical connections from Hangar 711 to 706 prior to the completion of the project to facilitate a temporary move of the C-5 maintenance team.
11/6/2020 R-Tunnel Repair Work at the Intersection of 2nd St. & Constitution Ave., NE - AOC Step 2 The Intersection of 2nd & Constitution Ave., NE, Washington, D.C. 20003 $5-10 Million
8:00A AOC (RFPPPA200162 Amnd. 4) CMD: Ddg:
The offeror shall perform R -Tunnel construction at the intersection of 2nd and Constitution Avenue NE including temporarily support existing structures, utilities, and adjacent structures to provide a new tunnel expansion and structural steel liner to the R-Tunnel section. This repair project includes coordination with various entities and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to perform construction work to extend the service life of this utility tunnel section servicing the Senate Office Buildings. The offeror shall complete structural repairs and perform tunnel improvements to provide a long term repair to the concrete envelope and extend the service life of R-Tunnel. The offeror shall furnish all labor, materials, supplies, equipment, facilities, disposal units, software, transportation, management, quality control, full-time independent safety, and incidentals to perform structural repairs and tunnel improvements to provide a long term repair to the R-Tunnel section at the 2nd Street, NE and Constitution Avenue, NE intersection of Washington, DC. The restoration and improvements process includes, at a minimum, the following: 1.Coordination with several Authorities Having Jurisdiction, including the Senate, Supreme Court, U.S. Capitol Police, National Park Service, Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building, and Union Station. 2.Underground survey and relocations of the existing utilities within R tunnel followed by open excavation / at grade construction activities. 3.Survey of adjacent historic items, including stained glass; sidelights; and an unsupported chimney at the Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument to determine the level of protection from construction activities. 4.Temporary support of existing tunnel structures, interior, and exterior utilities. 5.Providing a new concrete expansion to the tunnel. 6.Providing a new structural steel liner within the tunnel section. 7.Rerouting of the chilled water line and HPS condensate lines via the new tunnel expansion. 8.Restoring all tunnel and landscape, exterior utilities. 9.Coordinate work with other projects, contractors and entities performing work at the same time in the vicinity of this project (inside and outside of the tunnel work area.
Washington Aqueduct Second High Reservoir Maintenance and Improvements- PreSolicitationNotice 4/9/20 Washington Aqueduct, Intersection of Van Ness Street and 44th Street, NW, Wash., DC 20016 $5-10 Million
Dept of the Army (W912DR20B0006 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The project consists of implementing upgrades and improvements to the Second High Reservoir to address operational and sanitary survey issues previously identified. This will result in improved water quality and operation within the distribution system. The work includes the replacement of a brick Sample Building; the replacement of the 24” drain line; installation of mechanical mixers; sealing of all interior joints and cracks; installation of a spread spectrum radio communications antenna; installation of a roof sub-drainage system and the replacement of the perimeter fence. This reservoir is a critical component of the distribution system and so the reservoir outage period is restricted. An experienced contractor with resources and expertise to handle the following project constraints is needed: 1. The reservoir roof surface has limited weight restrictions and can only be taken out of service for three (3) months. All work needing to be performed inside the reservoir has to be completed within that time frame. 2. The demolition and re-building of brick Sample Building must be done within the limited outage window while the reservoir is out of service. 3. Access into the reservoir structure is limited and all work therein is considered confined space work. 4. The reservoir is located in a residential neighborhood and so noise ordinance requirements must be strictly adhered to. 5. The existing security server and associated equipment is to be removed and re-installed by a professional security contractor
NMIC-1 Replace Chillers & Controls/Install Chiller Catwalks Project, Phase 1 National Maritime Intelligence Center, Suitland, MD $10-25 Million
Navy CHESDIV (N4008020R5270 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The primary project entails the comprehensive replacement of the building chiller plant equipment and system components. The replacement of chiller system components is limited to the plant equipment and includes, but is not limited to: 1. Chillers 1-4 2. Associated pumps 3. Variable frequency drives 4. Associated instrumentation 5. Associated controls
AFICA East D/B Repair AFLCMC HQ, Bldg 1606 AND Construct Allied Support for AFLCMC,, Hanscom AFB, MA Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Headquarters, Hanscom AFB, MA >$10 Million
Air Force Lackland AFB, TX (FA8903-20-R-1028 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
FRR MATOC USACE South Atlantic Division HQ Hallway Restoration and Painting, Atlanta - DRAFT SOW USACE South Atlantic Division Headquarters, 60 Forsyth St. SW, Atlanta $100K-250K
Huntsville Army COE (1 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The Contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, vehicles, materials, supervision, subcontracts, and other items and services, except as specified as Government- Furnished, necessary to perform hallway restoration, wallpaper stripping, sanding/patching and repairs to the wall as necessary, priming and painting is required as defined in this Performance Work Statement (PWS). The award for services under this PWS shall be limited to the services identified in the contract line items awarded in the contract and its modifications. 1.1. BACKGROUND. The United States Army Corps of Engineers South Atlantic Division (SAD) Headquarters which occupies two (2) floors of the Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center physically located at 60 Forsyth St. SW, Atlanta, GA. The Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center was completed in 1997 and common wall areas on the ninth and tenth floors have not been updated since that time period. The contractor should expect variations in the exact boundaries of the walls where services are to be performed but is estimated to encompass 13,000 square feet. The contractor must maintain flexibility because the building floors where services are requested may or may not occupied due to public health concerns. The period of performance shall be a period 45 days from date of award.
FRR MATOC Rivanna Station Break Room Renov, Controls Upgrade,Roof Repairs, Charlottesville-DRAFT Rivanna Station - Charlottesville, VA
Huntsville Army COE (1 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The objective for this Statement of Work (SOW) is to provide all management, labor, equipment and material necessary for renovation and upgrades for the existing break room(s), roof repairs, and switch gear controls upgrade located at Rivanna Station - Charlottesville, VA. The Contractor's design and construction shall comply with the specifications and requirements contained herein. The design and technical criteria cited within this SOW establishes minimum standards for design and construction quality.

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