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Bid Date Project Location Estimate
6/2/2020 Navy SDVOSB Western: Rehab Building Block 6, MJH 30 Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, CA $5-10 Million
2:00P NAVFAC Southwest (N62473-14-D-0069X068 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The intent of the project is to rehabilitate Block 6 (MJH 30) of the old Murray Middle School into useable swing space. It will involve updating the building and all of the major building systems to modern codes to ensure a safe, healthy, and more efficient workspace. The newly rehabilitated building will enhance the nation’s combat readiness by providing the highest quality and services to the Naval Aviation community and to all the organizations that utilize Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake. This facility shall be used as office swing space with conference rooms.
6/3/2020 Harford County Fleet Maintenance Facility, Step 2 1304 Enterprise Court, Bel Air, Harford County, MD 21014
1:00P Harford County, MD (20-175 Amnd. 4) CMD: Ddg:
Harford County, Maryland is seeking a qualified contractor to construct a new 75,000 square foot vehicle maintenance facility. The project, located at 1304 Enterprise Court, Bel Air, MD 21014, includes 38 vehicle maintenance bays, parts inventory, tire storage, bulk fluid storage and distribution, associated administrative and support areas, and approximately 9 acres of site development. Harford County, Maryland plans to complete this special prequalification process by March 2020. Distribution of bid documents is scheduled for April 2020. Contract award is anticipated in June 2020 and the project is expected to last approximately 18 months. This schedule is subject to change.
6/4/2020 GSA 11 D/B VA HQ C Level OSP Renovation in Areas C-1 C-2 C-4 and C-6 810 Vermont Ave., NW, Washington D.C. 20420 $100,000-250,000
2:00P GSA (47PM0420R0016 Amnd. 1) CMD: Ddg:
Provide design, materials and labor to develop a floor plan for suites in the VA HQ Building on the C level floor and construct utilizing the agency provided sketch as a starting point for design intent. These spaces include enclosed/ closed office spaces. Completed design and construction must meet all applicable codes, regulations and standards dictated throughout this SOW. If required, design and construction work items will extend beyond these suites in order to meet all of the requirements documented in these codes and standards. "Design shall have appropriate engineering analysis and design to support the electrical and HVAC needs of the space
6/4/2020 AOC MACC 2020 Washington, DC
5:00P AOC (AOCACB20R0031 Amnd. 6) CMD: Ddg:
1.3 Objectives. The objective of the MACC IDIQ is to provide the AOC with a variety of qualified General Contractors that can provide construction services in support of the Capitol Complex Facilities Management team within the United States Capitol Complex and outlying sites. 1.4 Scope. 1.4.1 The Offeror shall be responsible for providing the necessary labor, material, equipment, project management, quality control, coordination of tasks, and safety services under the MACC IDIQ Contract. Task Orders issued under this contract may include the following types of services: •Energy Savings •Sustainable SITES/LEED Construction •Waterproofing/Structural Repair of Foundations •Selective Demolition •Rehabilitation of Parking Garages •Code Compliance •Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Preservation of Historic Structures and BuildingFacades •Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler/Systems Upgrades •Protection Systems for facilities and grounds to support security mission •Roof Replacement •Temporary Facilities •Emergency Power/Electrical Upgrades •Design/Build Construction •Lighting Protection •Building Fall Protection •Vertical Transportation, elevators, escalators •Food Service Equipment and Cafeterias •Garage rollup doors, loading docks upgrades, alteration •Off-site Data Center upgrades, renovations •Central Power Plant heavy mechanical renovations & upgrades •MEP or HVAC upgrades/replacement •Building Automation, Direct Digital Controls •Electrical; lighting, fire alarm system, security system including cameras andsmart metering •General carpentry, casework, general interior space modernization, trim work,door installation/repairs •Paving, sidewalk and landscape work •Perimeter Security Infrastructure 1.4.2 All work shall meet the intent of the International Building Code (IBC) and all applicable state and local codes and shall be completed in a professional workmanship manner and meet current industry standards. The awarded contract may also cover other type of repairs that are not covered/listed in the items identified above. The above list is provided to cover general scopes of work that may be awarded under this contract. 1.5 Contract Type. Task Orders may be Firm Fixed Price, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), or Time & Material (T&M). The contract type will be determined at the Task Order level. 1.6 Place of Performance/Hours of Operation. The majority of the work will occur within the United States Capitol Complex. Specifically, facilities include the United States Capitol, the House Office Buildings and the Senate Office Buildings, the Library of Congress Buildings and Grounds, the United States Supreme Court, the United States Botanic Garden, the United States Capitol Power Plant, the Capitol Grounds, and the Capitol Police Buildings Grounds and Security. The AOC also maintains off-site facilities in the District of Columbia and in Virginia and Maryland. Specific locations and hours of operation will be identified at the Task Order level. 1.7 Period of Performance. The MACC contract will be a one (1), one (1) year period and seven (7), one (1)year optional ordering periods.
6/5/2020 GSA 11 DB RFK Federal Building Courtyard A Stone Cleaning & Repairs RFK Federal Building, 950 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington DC 20530-0001 $1-5 Million
4:00P GSA (47PM0520Q0026 Amnd. 2) CMD: Ddg:
The Robert F. Kennedy (DOJ) building construction was completed in 1935 in the classical style. It is part of the Federal Triangle and the mural projects within the buildings were a model for the Public Works of Arts Projects. The building has a steel frame with limestone cladding and has five courtyards on the interior. Courtyard A is the largest one and includes a fountain that is centrally located along with a circular cobblestone drive and ramps down to an underground parking garage. 1.2. PROJECT SUMMARY DESCRIPTION; The project scope is to repair, re- point and clean the damaged limestone and granite within Courtyard A including the walls, fountain, moat walls, garage entry walls, and benches. Project should be approached as a design build in order to fully identify the extent of the damage and develop recommendations for the appropriate repair and cleaning methodologies.
6/8/2020 R-Tunnel Repair Work at the Intersection of 2nd St. & Constitution Ave., NE - AOC Step 1 The Intersection of 2nd & Constitution Ave., NE, Washington, D.C. 20003 $5-10 Million
8:00A AOC (RFPPPA200162 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The offeror shall perform R -Tunnel construction at the intersection of 2nd and Constitution Avenue NE including temporarily support existing structures, utilities, and adjacent structures to provide a new tunnel expansion and structural steel liner to the R-Tunnel section. This repair project includes coordination with various entities and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to perform construction work to extend the service life of this utility tunnel section servicing the Senate Office Buildings. The offeror shall complete structural repairs and perform tunnel improvements to provide a long term repair to the concrete envelope and extend the service life of R-Tunnel. The offeror shall furnish all labor, materials, supplies, equipment, facilities, disposal units, software, transportation, management, quality control, full-time independent safety, and incidentals to perform structural repairs and tunnel improvements to provide a long term repair to the R-Tunnel section at the 2nd Street, NE and Constitution Avenue, NE intersection of Washington, DC. The restoration and improvements process includes, at a minimum, the following: 1.Coordination with several Authorities Having Jurisdiction, including the Senate, Supreme Court, U.S. Capitol Police, National Park Service, Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building, and Union Station. 2.Underground survey and relocations of the existing utilities within R tunnel followed by open excavation / at grade construction activities. 3.Survey of adjacent historic items, including stained glass; sidelights; and an unsupported chimney at the Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument to determine the level of protection from construction activities. 4.Temporary support of existing tunnel structures, interior, and exterior utilities. 5.Providing a new concrete expansion to the tunnel. 6.Providing a new structural steel liner within the tunnel section. 7.Rerouting of the chilled water line and HPS condensate lines via the new tunnel expansion. 8.Restoring all tunnel and landscape, exterior utilities. 9.Coordinate work with other projects, contractors and entities performing work at the same time in the vicinity of this project (inside and outside of the tunnel work area.
6/8/2020 Navy SDVOSB Western: D/B P6962 KC-46A Alter Bldgs B181, 185 & 187 Squad Ops/AMU Travis AFB, CA Travis AFB, CA $1-5 Million
2:00P NAVFAC Southwest (N62473-14-D-0069X069 Amnd. 1) CMD: Ddg:
The intent of this Deign-Bid-Build project is to obtain all labor, equipment, materials and incidental related work to alter Buildings 181, 185 and 187 to provide adequate space for squadron operations and aircraft maintenance unit functions in support of the KC-46A beddown at Travis AFB. Alteration work includes reconfiguring interior walls, HVAC systems, interior electrical systems, interior lighting, communications infrastructure, interior plumbing systems and all other supporting work necessary to make complete and useable facilities.
6/10/2020 USDA George Washington Carver Center (GWCC) Modernization - Phase 2 USDA, Beltsville, MD 20705 >$60 Million
3:00P USDA (12314420B0001 Amnd. 3) CMD: Ddg:
The George Washington Carver Center (GWCC) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an office complex built in 1997. It consists of four interconnected buildings and a small entry building. Building 1 and 2 have three stories and Building 3, 4 and entry have two stories. The complex has an approximate 351,805 gross square feet and 276,109 usable square feet. The facility has a Cafeteria, Child Development Center with outdoor playground, Health Unit, Fitness Center, and Credit Union. The campus size is about 73.7 acre which includes an 847-space surface parking lot as well as a separate outbuilding for landscaping equipment and space for emergency generators and fuel tanks. The site also has a photovoltaic solar farm which can produce up to 2,900,000 KWH of power annually. The project is for the modernization of all five buildings in a two-phase construction approach. Each phase is to be completed in a 10-month period. •Phase 1: Building 1 (B1) and building 2 (B2) and Reception Building. Once construction of the first phase is complete, an allowance of one month for employees to move in is included prior to the start of Phase 2. •Phase 2: B3 and B4. •Provide temporary drywall construction barriers for noise/vibration/dust/smoke control; provide the temporary systems such as HVAC, power, and water; and bypass and adjust to allow occupants in the occupies zones and the Special Areas to conduct normal business during the construction. The Special Areas, shown in bid plans, are in B1 and they must remain in normal operations 24x7 year-round.
6/16/2020 Northeast Region IDIQ MATOC D/B Construction and Renovation Projects-Louisville District-Phase 1 Northeast Region: CT, DE, DC, IL, IN, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT, VA, WV, WI $1-5 Million
1:00P US Army COE Louisville District (W912QR19R0009 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
Unless specifically noted otherwise in this Specification Section or in the base MATOC contract(W912QR-15-D-0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005)Volume 1 of 2 itself, all requirements of the base MATOC contract Volume 1 of 2 shall apply to this Task Order. Design and construction shall comply with the requirements contained in this Task Order Request for Proposal (RFP). The design and technical criteria contained and cited in this RFP and the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) establish minimum standards for design and construction quality. The Designers of Record shall use the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) and the requirements contained in this RFP to fully develop the technical specifications and construction drawings. The objective of this solicitation is to obtain an energy efficient, durable, maintainable and sustainable space. The illustrations and exhibits included in this RFP are provided to define the scope of work. The concepts provided shall be further developed by the Design/Build (DB) Contractor to comply with user functional needs. The project scope of work includes the design, demolition, and construction for the renovation and addition to the Squadron Operations Facility, Building 807 at Niagara Falls ARS, New York. The goal is to provide a like-new facility that meets the functional needs of its users. The Squad Ops Facility Building 807 consists of the existing building (constructed in the early 1990s) measuring 16,913 gross square feet and a recent addition to the command post measuring approximately 1,300 gross square feet. a. Design, demolition, and construction work includes reconfiguration of areas in the existing building indicated on Attachment 1: Occupancy and Area Key Plans. b. Demolish interior non-structural walls and create openings in structural walls necessary to provide desired programmatic connections, and design and rebuild areas to meet user needs. Provide new ceiling, wall, base, and floor finishes in areas to remain as well as areas to be reconfigured and repurposed. Reconfigure restrooms and showers to meet ABA in addition to providing new fixtures, toilet partitions, shower partitions, vanities and finishes. Survey all wall, ceiling, and floor surfaces after finish removal, patching and repairing to a like- new condition prior to application of new finishes. Provide new interior doors, frames and associated hardware in areas to remain as well as areas to be reconfigured and repurposed. Replace all exterior windows, doors, and storefronts. Design and provide new electrical systems in areas to remain as well as areas to be reconfigured and repurposed, to include but not limited to lighting systems, power systems, and communications systems. Design and provide a new HVAC system, fire suppression system, plumbing system, and fire alarm and mass notification system for the entire facility, including the recently completed addition to the command post. Inspect the existing roof and repair active roof leaks to bring the roof to a water tight condition. Conduct a sanitary system investigation and provide a report. Clean exterior finish materials and features to remain including but not limited to walls, canopies, louvers, and trim. Relocate transformer and replace and relocate generator serving the command post. c. Design and construct an approximately 1,700 square foot addition, to include a restroom, training area, and open office areas. d. Finishes, doors, casework, windows, and select electrical systems (such as lighting, power distribution, security, and communications), in the recently completed addition to the command post shall be protected. Any aspects of the recent addition that must be disturbed in order to execute the design and construction of the 1,700 square foot addition and/or the construction of any new building systems shall be repaired or replaced. e. Design a Comprehensive Interior Design (CID) Package for the entire facility, including the recently completed addition to the command post. f. Design and construction work related to command post areas shall comply with requirements outlined Air Force Instruction (AFI) 10-207. g. Include all demolition required for construction as part of this project.
6/18/2020 D/B Repair Bldg. E3330 Lab & Test Combat Capabilities Development Command, Aberdeen, Phase 1 Chemical Biological Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Edgewood, MD $25-100 Million
11:00A Dept of the Army (W912DR20R0012 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The project is for the restoration and modernization of historic building E3330 to support the U.S. Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center (CCDC CBC), Aberdeen Proving Ground Edgewood Area, Edgewood, Maryland. The Repair Building E3330 Lab & Test project is for the complete restoration and modernization of the approximately 175,000 square foot building. The project will address structural deterioration; removal and replacement of building utility systems including: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, fire suppression and alarm/mass notification systems, utility management control, telephone, advance communication networks, cable television and infrastructure for and installation of complete electronic security systems (ESS) (i.e. intrusion detection, closed-circuit surveillance and electronic access control), replacement of a service elevator, ADA access points, and ADA compliant elevators. New interior spaces will be created which include offices, open office areas, conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms, chemical test and laboratory, biological test and laboratory, secured space requirement per ICD-705, utility support space, secure historical documents library. New interior finishes will be provided throughout the building. Repair and replace building windows. Repair and/or install new exterior finish system. Exterior site-work and utilities include repairing draining problems to eliminate ponding along the foundation of the building, a new underground fire water main and post indicator valve, electrical, water, gas, sanitary sewer and information systems distribution, utility screening. The construction contract will also include separate packages for the procurement and installation of furniture, furnishings and industrial/manufacturing type equipment, IT/communications and for electronic surveillance systems (ESS). Work will consist of Hazardous Material abatement and demolition to address water infiltration and condensation from improper Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning that have led to mold in numerous areas of the building, asbestos tile from the original construction in 1941, and lead based paint. Portions of the building, including the main entry lobby, are considered historic and require State Historic Preservation Office coordination.
6/19/2020 Data Center Upgrades Task 6, Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building (TMFJB) Thurgood Marshall Building 1 Columbus Circle NE Washington, D.C $2.7-4 Million
2:00P AOC (RFPAOCACB20R0046 Amnd. 5) CMD: Ddg:
The current TMFJB Judicial Data Center infrastructure is nearing the end of its life cycle for the major components, which was designed prior to the building’s occupancy in 1992. With IT equipment reducing in size and production equipment moving out of the building to private data center farms the JDC will only house core infrastructure and lab equipment in the future. The existing data center has an 18” high raised access floor and drop in ceiling. The successful bidder will provide construction services to provide a phased upgrade of the existing TMFJB Data Center Space located on the concourse level. The Contractor Shall: • Demolition of existing TMFJB Judicial Data Center. • Construction of new Judicial Data Center including mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, furniture, furnishings and equipment (FF&E). • Phasing of server migration to be completed over weekends and outside normal working hours. • Phased demolition of the existing electrical and telecommunications systems servicing the existing data center racks. • Phased installation of the new electrical and telecommunications systems servicing the relocated data center racks. • Installation of new overhead ladder type cable management system. • Installation of new walls, ceilings, finishes, carpet, base, etc. • Installation of a new pre-action fire suppression system. • Demolition of the existing lighting fixtures and installation of new light fixtures at the completion of the data center upgrade. • Demolition of the existing mechanical systems serving the data center and the provision of temporary cooling units for the duration of the new mechanical system installation. • Installation of new mechanical systems and removal of the temporary mechanical units. • Start-up and commissioning of new mechanical systems. • Provision of training for new mechanical systems. • Completion of project operations and maintenance manuals and project closeout. • All work will be performed at night.
6/22/2020 Design/Build Ft. Myer Renovation of Barracks, Bldg. 416 - Phase 1 Ft. Myer, Arlington,VA $25-100 Million
11:00A Dept of the Army (W912DR20R0020 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The primary purpose of this project is executing the renovation of building 416 which is a four (4) wing barracks building and common use building for unaccompanied enlisted Marines assigned to the National Capital Region (NCR) and residing at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia. This procurement is anticipated to be a firm-fixed price Design-Build (DB) construction contract utilizing the two (2)-phase best value tradeoff process. Renovation of barracks building 416 include the failed and failing systems and components of the complex which consists of four (4) wings (416A, 416B, 416C & 416D) and a common use building. The direction was to upgrade to barracks standards as much as possible with 121 single units as a minimum. During a surge, rooms could double up as necessary. Building systems and components to be repaired include roofing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical distribution, sanitary sewer system, and fire alarm system and fire suppression system, building information systems, lighting & illumination fixtures and plumbing fixtures, exterior doors, windows, ceilings, flooring and floor finishes, living and common area will be repaired. Additional repairs include existing interior doors and walls and some selective demolition and reconfiguration of interior partitions to maximize capacity and improve efficiency of interior space. Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) were identified during the recent building condition survey and inspection. Removal of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) and Lead Base Paint (LBP) will be required in this repair project IAW governing Federal and State requirements. This project will bring this building into the compliance with the current minimum Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection (AT/FP) requirements.
6/26/2020 GSA 11 D/B 601 4th Street NW - Building Envelope Repairs 601 4th Street NW Washington DC $500,000-1 Million
4:00P GSA (47PM0520Q0025 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
Building Envelope Restoration – Roof Membrane, Pavers, Sealants: The purpose of this contract is to restore exterior building finishes that need replacement as a result of deterioration from outside elements. This project involves improvements to the exterior building envelope to protect governments asset and use by the tenant. The project will include roof membrane replacement/improvement, replacing deteriorated exterior entrance pavers, and replacing roof flashing and sealants. This is a building envelope improvements project for the facility. The project is not a change in use of space. The project will not result in a change in occupancy.
7/1/2020 US Treasury IDIQ MATOC Const Services Small Business, SEED: Main Treasury North Court Roofing Multiple Treasury Buildings, 1500 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20220 $250,000-$500,000
10:00A US Treasury (2032H320R00005 Amnd. 6) CMD: Ddg:
This contract will be awarded to multiple small business contractors to perform multiple award task order construction services to support the Department of Treasury Departmental Office Treasury Operations (TO). Construction task will be performed on multiple Treasury Buildings located in Washington, DC. The scope of work for the projects executed by Task Orders under the contract will include various construction improvements requiring the contractor to furnish all the necessary supervision, labor, parts, tools, materials, equipment, etc., (except as may otherwise be provided for in the specifications) to perform design-bid-build construction projects such as facility repair/alteration, and real property repair/alteration projects on an as needed basis in an expeditious manner. Construction Project types may include, but are not limited to, the following: •Office, facility upgrades, interior space, renovations and reconfigurations including demolition; construction of walls and ceilings; installation or modification of HVAC, lighting, electrical, telecom, furniture removal, fire alarm, sprinkler and other systems, flooring, and renovation to meet ADA and Life Safety codes. Work may include renovation of occupied and unoccupied office areas and may include changes to finishes or may include major demolition and rebuilding. •Repairs, renovations, and upgrades to the building's exterior including the roof, exterior marble facade, columns, exterior lighting, plazas, fountains, planters, and signage. The construction work includes tasks in various trades such as carpentry, asbestos abatement/removal, demolition, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing, concrete masonry, welding, telecommunication, furniture removal, and paving.
Rehabilitate Antietam Visitor Center Antietam National Battlefield, Sharpsburg, MD $5-10 Million
National Park Service (140P2020R0080 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
This project will rehabilitate the 56 year old Antietam National Battlefield Visitor Center. The rehabilitation will bring the facility in compliance with current building code and provide a completely ABAAS compliant Mission 66 structure. A code compliant emergency egress will be added to the museum level. Hazardous materials including asbestos will be removed. The project will rehabilitate restrooms and construct an addition for a family restroom. All electrical and mechanical systems will be replaced including plumbing, fire suppression and HVAC. Mechanical room will be relocated to meet building code. An integrated communication and security/fire systems will be installed to help assure employee and visitor safety. Improvements will be made to the building’s exterior envelope and roof. The main entrance thermal vestibule current temporary structure will be replaced with a permanent structure and the front atrium will be enclosed to provide interior access to public restrooms improving security and pedestrian travel within the building. Other accessibility improvements include new walkway and installation of 3-level elevator to replace an obsolete chair lift that only serves 2 floors.
Joint Base Andrews D/B Aeronmedical Evacuation Squadron (AES) Training/Administration Building Joint Base Andrews, MD $10-25 Million
Louisville Army District (W912QR20R0044 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The construction of the Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron Training/Administration Building is to be constructed of masonry veneer, steel frame structure, reinforced concrete foundation and floors; resulting in a total building area of 17,567 SF. The project delivery method will be Design-Bid-Build (DBB). The facility will need to be compatible with applicable DoD, Air Force, and base design standards. The training facility is programmed with a large open area for the administrative functions and their respective support areas such as conference room, break room, private offices, teaming area, lactation room, restrooms with lockers, classrooms and training rooms, auditorium, and the necessary mechanical and electrical support spaces. Supporting facilities include site development, utilities and connections, lighting, paving, parking, walks, curbs and gutters, storm drainage, information systems and landscaping. Demolition of an existing building of approximately 16,706 square feet is also a part of this project. The existing building was constructed in the 1940s with renovations throughout the years including a major expansion in 1971).
Washington Aqueduct Second High Reservoir Maintenance and Improvements Washington Aqueduct, Intersection of Van Ness Street and 44th Street, NW, Wash., DC 20016 $5-10 Million
Dept of the Army (W912DR20B0006 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The project consists of implementing upgrades and improvements to the Second High Reservoir to address operational and sanitary survey issues previously identified. This will result in improved water quality and operation within the distribution system. The work includes the replacement of a brick Sample Building; the replacement of the 24” drain line; installation of mechanical mixers; sealing of all interior joints and cracks; installation of a spread spectrum radio communications antenna; installation of a roof sub-drainage system and the replacement of the perimeter fence. This reservoir is a critical component of the distribution system and so the reservoir outage period is restricted. An experienced contractor with resources and expertise to handle the following project constraints is needed: 1. The reservoir roof surface has limited weight restrictions and can only be taken out of service for three (3) months. All work needing to be performed inside the reservoir has to be completed within that time frame. 2. The demolition and re-building of brick Sample Building must be done within the limited outage window while the reservoir is out of service. 3. Access into the reservoir structure is limited and all work therein is considered confined space work. 4. The reservoir is located in a residential neighborhood and so noise ordinance requirements must be strictly adhered to. 5. The existing security server and associated equipment is to be removed and re-installed by a professional security contractor.
AFICA East D/B Repair Hangar Building 290, Tyndall AFB, FL 1275 Florida Avenue, Tyndall AFB, FL 32403 >$10 Million
Dept of the Air Force (XLWU 19-8103 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The purpose of the Tyndall Air Force Base (TAFB) project XLWU 19-8103, Repair Hangar Building 290, is to rapidly repair hurricane damage and to bring the building and its supporting facilities into full compliance with current building codes, including but not limited to the DoD Building Code, UFC 4-211-01 Aircraft Maintenance Hangars, and the portion of the Florida Building Code that contains the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) provisions. (TAFB will be treated as a Wind Zone 4 located site) Work on supporting facilities include external building fixtures, building utilities within the Points of Demarcation (POD) for privatized utilities, and work within the remotely located Base Energy Management Control Center (EMCS). Time is of the essence. This project includes the acquisition and installation of structures to temporarily house personnel and equipment, which will allow the facility missions to continue while the permanent facility is under construction. Some spaces are certified for the handling and storage of classified information and/or materials. Following construction, all purchased swing space facilities are to be taken out of service, secured for long-term storage, and removed to a location on TAFB once they are no longer needed for the project. All rented swing space facilities are to be taken out of service, secured for transport, and removed from TAFB. Building 290 is located at 1275 Florida Avenue, Tyndall AFB, Florida 32403. It is an approximately 59,000 sf aircraft hangar primarily for the general maintenance of 5th generation fighter aircraft (F-22 and/or F-35), which incorporates normal and Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) administrative spaces. Building 290 is located on an active DoD airfield.
Ft. McNair Army Family Housing Renov Project - Phase 1 Pre-Qualitication Ft. McNair, Washington, DC
Dept of the Army (W912DR20B0012 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The primary purpose of this project is executing the renovation of Six (6) flag officer single family buildings; buildings one (1) through with six (6), 6,985 Gross Square Feet (GSF) per building; built from 1903-1905; and five (5) senior non-commissioned officer duplex buildings; buildings 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 (total of 10 housing units) with 6,047 GSF per building; built from 1905-1908; located on Fort McNair, Washington, DC This procurement is anticipated to be a firm-fixed-price, Design-Bid-Build (DBB) construction contract utilizing the Two (2) Step Invitation for Bid (IFB).It is anticipated that the Solicitation will be released on or about 27 April 2020.
Ft. Myer Army Family Housing Renov Proj, Phase 1 Pre-Qualification Ft. Myer, Arlington, VA
Dept of the Army (W912DR20B0013 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The primary purpose of this project is executing the renovation of Four (4) senior non-commissioned officer duplex buildings; buildings 426, 427, 428 and 431 (total of eight (8) housing units) with 5,187 Gross Square Feet (GSF) per building; built in 1932; located on Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia. This procurement is anticipated to be a firm-fixed-price, Design-Bid-Build (DBB) construction contract utilizing the Two (2) Step Invitation for Bid (IFB).
NMIC-1 Replace Chillers & Controls/Install Chiller Catwalks Project, Phase 1 National Maritime Intelligence Center, Suitland, MD $10-25 Million
Navy CHESDIV (N4008020R5270 Amnd. 0) CMD: Ddg:
The primary project entails the comprehensive replacement of the building chiller plant equipment and system components. The replacement of chiller system components is limited to the plant equipment and includes, but is not limited to: 1. Chillers 1-4 2. Associated pumps 3. Variable frequency drives 4. Associated instrumentation 5. Associated controls

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